Bat Removal Services

Professional bat removal and eradication services 

Vanishing varmints gets rid of bats and cleans up the mess they leave behind! If you found a bat inside your home, do not attempt to capture it with your bare hands. We are professionals and always wear gloves to handle a live animal.

The first step in a successful bat removal is to perform an inspection. Bats almost always enter a roofline near the top of the roof, and rarely from the bottom. If you are trying to figure out how a bat got inside the living space, it is often best to start looking outside at how they actually got into the shell of the structure in the first place. thats where our expertise comes into action.

We’ll search the structure and determine where they can get in – and seal up any potential non-entry points. Afterwards we will setup a one-way door to get rid of them for good.

We will work to stop any bats that are already in the shell of the structure from getting into the living space. If you are wanting to do anything your self to help stop a bat from getting into the living space with you start by examining all points of entry that might connect the living space to the shell.

Here is a list of areas to check to stop bats from getting into the house

  • Walk in attic doors
  • Light fixtures
  • The fireplace
  • Pull-down attic doors
  • Any hole in the wall for electrical or sound wiring
  • Pocket doors

be sure to tape these areas up if you are concerned that another bat might make its way in.

Call us right away, we’ll fly over there and help you as fast as we can!

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